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Tamashii Restaurant was established in 2013 and was the first restaurant to bring Japanese ramen to the residents in Astoria, New York. Japanese ramen is one of the most popular dishes in New York. It is now offered in a number of restaurants throughout the city; however, Tamashii Restaurant remains a favorite among diners. One of the most popular dishes at Tamashii Restaurant is Miso Ramen. This soybean-flavored ramen comes with delectable toppings. Two other popular ramens are the Shio Ramen made with mineral salt and Shoyu Ramen made with soy sauce. If you like spicy dishes, why not try the Tan-Tan Men, a spicy sesame flavored ramen. This dish has captured the attention of New Yorkers. In addition to these dishes, there is a full line of ramen choices, including Japanese Curry, Vegetable ramen, Donburi (Beef bowl, Gyu-don, and Katsu-Don), Takoyaki, Teriyaki, and Onigiri. Each guest will be heartily welcomed by the amazing staff.

Our Featured Ramens

Tamashii soup is made daily using whole chicken, pork, beef bone and 5 different vegetables which are simmered together for 14 hours.

Chasyu Ramen

– Tamashii ramen with extra pork slices and vegetables
*Topping: Chasyu(pork), onion, bean sprouts, bok choy, ginger, cabbage

Miso Ramen

– Noodle soup made with miso made from more than 12 ingredients, fermented for a month.
*Topping: Chasyu(pork), menma, egg, corn, scallion, bean sprouts, and cabbage.


– Spicy seafood noodle soup made with special tamahii sauce.
*Topping: Shrimp, squid, mussel, bean sprout, cabbage, onion, scallion, egg, carrot.


– Cold noddoles served with dipping sauce

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