T A M A S H I I   R A M E N


Tamashii Ramen

                                                    Tamashii Blue is now open 718 472 2142

Tamashii soup is made daily using whole chicken and 5 different vegetables which are simmered together for 14 hours. More than 3 types of seafood and medicinal herbs are added for a well-rounded taste and for better absorption of nutrients into the body.

Main Sauces

  • We use mineral salt.
  • We use tamari soy sauce, a special soy sauce that was reserved for Japanese royalty. (No wheat addition)
  • We use hatcho miso, 100% soy beans that's been fermented for 2 years. It is then mixed with 12 beneficial ingredients and fermented for another month to make our miso paste. 

*At Tamashii Ramen, we always try to use the best ingredients to make the most nutritious meal for our customers.